Ever thought of refinishing a piano or buying a custom designed one?

Problem 1 | Outdated unfashionable Pianos

The pianos in circulation have been with us since the early 1900’s. These machines were made strong and durable, but often the veneer, or finish becomes cracked, faded, scratched and worn with age. Or maybe the finish is ok but the color is just, just…blonde?? Either way, pianos lose value as they become more undesirable to look at and play.

Problem 2 | Costly to repair

And repairing them is generally no easy cost. There’s thousands of moving parts and most people wouldn’t have the first guess as to how to paint or refinishing them with out damaging the piano’s inner workings. We’ve heard of Piano Restoration and Refinishing, but we’ve also heard of the price tag. Unless your piano is worth $10,000+, it’s probably not worth thinking about.

Sadly, often times pianos just get burned, or brought to the dump.

Once in a while you’ll see someone take off a lid and turn it into a book case or shelf, but that’s about it for those old dinosaurs.

At Herrema & Sons we say “Buy a piano, break the rules.”

We offer custom repairing, painting and refinishing of used pianos for the whole family!

Artisan Designs

How about a nice two toned Early American / Walnut Stain with Off white Panel Accents. Just Gorgeous!

break the rules piano refinishing by herrema & sons

Fun & Creative

Break the rules man. Turn your piano into something to talk about and watch how often you want to sit down and play it!

piano refinishing by herrema & sons

Playful & Charming

Go blue, red, white or pink. Distress it, fade it, whatever you choose, you’re gonna love it!

for the kids piano art refinishing by herrema & sons

For the Kids

Get colorful, fun and youthful and get your kids involved. Let’s make it fun to play the piano!

Here’s how it works!

Refinish your Piano

We’ll pick it up, go through a design consultation, refinish it to your preference, then deliver it back to your house! Amazing

Custom Refinished Piano

Maybe you want a different design or make and model, no problem! We’ll take your current piano in on trade and give you credit toward purchasing one of our Custom Refinished Pianos.

Personalized Piano Refinishing

Choose one we’ve already refinished at our shop, or let’s sit down and design one from scratch. Choose colors, styles, stains, themes and more. And you can even get in on the fun. Maybe we do part of the process and you want to add some of your own touches to it. Awesome! That’s why it’s called Personalized Piano Refinishing.