Used Acoustic & New Digital Pianos!

Schedule a showroom appointment to check out a wide variety of beautiful used pianos like Kawai, Yamaha, Young Chang, Steinway, Kimball, Baldwin, Story & Clarke and more! All our pianos come Inspected, Tuned and with Delivery included!


Herrema & Sons is now carrying the full line of Casio Keyboards & Digital Grand-Hybrid Pianos.

For the past five years we’ve focused on quality-used-acoustic-pianos. We just love the historic and classic sound of a live, acoustic piano. But, it’s hard to argue some of the perks that come with digital. And, every year, digital just keeps getting better and better; from Austrian Spruce hardwood keys, to grand-like simulated hammer actions, to 100 watt, 6 speaker sound dynamics, digitals are slowly and surly feeling and sounding more and more like a real piano. Plus, you get to record, use bluetooth, put on headphones, turn the volume up or down, bright or warm, and change between Bechstein and Hamburg grand sounds, violins, drums, and hundreds of loops. The features sometimes seem endless. To top that off, you also don’t need a professional mover or a tuner, so over the course of ten years the instrument will pay for itself in those savings alone.



**Available 7 days a week by appointment only**

Why Buy from us?

Save Time

We take all the hassle out of piano buying. Don’t waste hours shopping the internet, setting up appointments, driving to multiple locations, haggling on price, scheduling a move and then hiring a tuner. It’s time consuming and in the end risky, because you don’t know what you’re buying. We make purchasing a quality used piano for your family hassle free and enjoyable. Make one phone call and one stop to our family owned shop in Jenison.

Large Selection

At Herrema & Sons Piano Co. we specialize in offering a wide variety of used pianos from $500 starter pianos to $5000 Studio Consoles for the advanced player. From colors, to sizes to styles, we’re sure to have something that will fit the design of your home and also provide the right touch for the person who will be playing it.

Great Brands

We carry brands like Yamaha, Everett, Kimball, Story & Clark, Kawai, Cable, Lowry and many more.

Custom Refinishing

If we don’t have the exact color or style that fits your home, no problem! We offer custom painting and refinishing to meet your aesthetic needs. Maybe a Marvel Red piano for your boy. Or a Fun Green Piano for your daughter. Perhaps you want a slick flat grey piano for your modern dining room. Let’s talk and see what we can come up with!

Herrema Approved

We clean, touch up, inspect, repair, tune and service all of our pianos so you can purchase confidently.

Free Delivery

All of our pianos come with free delivery.



**Available 7 days a week by appointment only**