We offer easy and fast Piano Removal

We know a lot of our customers are selling their homes and moving into new ones, and often times are not looking to take their piano with them. After trying to sell, you’re simply in a time pinch and need a piano moving company to come take it off your hands. Give us a call and we’ll have it removed quickly!

A couple questions to help us know if your piano fits the Free Removal criteria:

  1. Is it less than 30 years old?
  2. Has it been tuned in the last 15 years?
  3. Is it under 50″ tall?
  4. Is the cabinet body in decent shape?
  5. Are keys sticking, missing, broken and in need of repair?

If your piano doesn’t pass the above requirements, or the cabinet’s in poor condition, the key bed needs significant work, it may not be worth the money for us to fix it up and resell it, even after picking it up for free. We’ll be honest with you and tell you if it’s worth anything to us once we see photos, or see it first hand.

On average, pianos that we cannot do anything with cost $150-$250 to remove based on if it’s an upright or a grand, location, floor of the house the piano is on, and number of stair-steps or yard involved.

*The fastest way to find out if your piano is one we would take in for free, or one you’d need to pay a removal fee for is to text a photo of your piano to 616-502-1432 or email it to ronnie@herremapiano.com

*For customers with pianos that pass the above criteria, and you’re pretty certain it may have more value– one we may possibly be able to purchase from you–please fill out our Free Appraisal Form

If your piano is not one we’d take in and you want to schedule a removal,

please call our company number and press the extension for Piano Moving.


We’re excited to help!