Did you know?

When you press a piano key, you only hear one note, but that sound is made by the hammer striking three strings.

After years of playing, the hammers wear down creating grooves in the once solid surface. In order to make a note, the strings have to settle perfectly inside those grooves. This muddies the sound and creates a less impactful and tight playing experience.

We can help!

At Herrema & Sons Piano Co. we offer a Hammer Re-shaping service that removes the grooves and re-creates a solid surface for the hammer to strike the string, clear and solid every time. Hammers are delicate so don’t try this at home. We carefully perform our work ensuring your piano stays safe, tuned and enjoyable for years to come.

When should I do this?

We recommend scheduling this as a package with your next Tune. Since reshaping creates a little bit of dust and debris, if you haven’t had your piano professionally cleaned, that would be the time to do it. If you haven’t heard about Piano Cleaning CLICK HERE to read more.

We recommended combining all three services to be performed at the same visit. This saves us trips to your home.

Call now and we’ll give you a discounted packaged price for all three services!