Nerf, Ninja, Piano

Nerf, Ninja, Piano

Jack makes slow motion nerf and ninja videos while I tune pianos. Who ever said you couldn’t work and play at the same time?:)

Herrema & Sons Piano Co. serves customers in the greater Grand Rapids area. We buy, sell, move and tune pianos.

Looking to sell or just get rid of your piano? We have four great options.

  1. Free Removal – If it comes with a bench, or could be used for parts or more, we’ll come take it off your hands and remove at no charge.
  2. We’ll buy it from you – If it’s in good condition and we can resell it in our shop, we’ll buy it from you!
  3. Consignment – If we don’t purchase it from you, we can still help you sell it in our showroom on Consignment. It’s super easy. We’ll pick it up for free, clean it, place it in our showroom and cut you a check for your percentage when it sells.
  4. Sell yourself online – If those first three options don’t work for you, great! You can totally sell your piano online. We’d still love to help you deliver it to your buyer and Tune it for them. Let us give you a flat Moving rate that you can include into your selling price. This helps the buyer save time and hassle scheduling and budgeting the relocation of the piano.

Looking to purchase a new piano or upgrade from your current one?

We can help!

COME VISIT OUR SHOWROOM! 7647 Riverview Dr, Jenison, MI, 49428

  1. We offer a wide variety of quality and affordable used pianos under $1000. Classic makes and models like Yamaha, Everett, Kimball, Story & Clark, Chickering, Wurlitzer, Cable and more
    1. Our pianos are inspected, repaired, tuned and cleaned prior to every purchase.
    2. On top of that, every piano comes with FREE DELIVERY and a FREE TUNE, so what are you waiting for?
    3. When you’re ready to upgrade or sell again, just bring your piano back in for current full value in-store credit.
  2. If you currently have a piano, we’ll give you in-store credit for it toward your next piano.