A customer hired us to pick up their mother’s 6ft 9″ Steinway Grand Piano in St. Louis and bring it back to Grand Rapids. So Anna and I packed up the kids and headed south for the weekend. Fun fact: upon arrival, the family realized they had underestimated it’s length. Lot’s of people do that. They thought it was a “baby grand,” which are 5ft and under. This was 6ft 9″ (as I already mentioned). Normally we use three people to move a grand piano over 6ft, but Anna is one tough lady, so she rolled up her sleeves and next thing you know we’re on our way back home. #movingpianoswithyourwife (she’s the best moving partner I’ve ever had)

Originally the family just wanted it moved here, but after some talk they decided they wanted to restore this 100 yr old piano beauty. It was originally a wood toned piano; veneer chipping, cracking and needing some major help. They decided on satin black and–wow–look at the results.

This was truly a unique project. We love the opportunity to not only transport and refinish pianos like this, but meet some of the most wonderful people along the way.