We’re so excited to serve you with your piano purchase and thank you sincerely for choosing to work with us!

Below is some general knowledge on new and used pianos, and the basics on what is or isn’t covered with your piano purchase.

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  • All pianos need service and maintenance–new and used. I often compare it to purchasing a used car: even if you get a free car, you still need to change the oil, tires, and provide regular maintenance. Owning a car comes with the responsibility of regular maintenance, and so does a piano.
  • A $40,000 brand new piano is just as affected by climate and temperature as a $700 used piano. Keys will stick from time to time, little rattles and clicks and buzzes can appear; that’s all part of the piano interacting with it’s environment. So no matter how much you spend, a piano will have things come up, and it’s not the manufacturer, the name brand, or Herrema & Sons fault. It’s part of the nature of wood and metal and thousands of moving parts interacting with each other and the climate.
  • When a piano moves or shifts environment, that is the most likely time things will appear. Once it’s in your house, even though it’s acclimated, the top times for little things to appear is when your Heat kicks on in winter and your A.C. kicks on in summer. The Summer to Winter swing, twice a year, is when the piano is most likely to act up. This is why some people tune their piano twice a year, summer and winter.
    • there’s a cost and maintenance to owning a live acoustic piano. Most basic and important is yearly tuning of about $100-$125. Don’t skip that!
    • little things can show up over time, plan on it:) Most little fixes are quick and inexpensive. A tech will generally charge about a $50/trip charge to stop out and fix little things.
    • create a good relationship with a tech. We recommend Jonathan Looman, Looman’s Piano Service, 616-607-4780.

-That being said, below is our policy-

    • Though there’s no warranty, here’s what we do offer.
    • We inspect, clean, and tune every piano in shop.
    • We fix things we see like–sticking keys, noises, buzzes, un-level keys, etc.
    • There are some additional fixes like–full regulation, voicing (softening or hardening the felts to make the piano brighter or warmer), new key tops, painting–that we can sometimes do on pianos over $1000, and can do on pianos under $1000 for an additional fee. Some pianos are simply not worth the additional fixes and that is why we have the clearance section to price them accordingly.
    • We give free delivery within 25 miles of shop.
    • Pianos sold over $1000 come with 1 Complimentary in-home tuning, to be redeemed anytime within 1 year from purchase.
    • Piano sold under $1000 do not come with a Free in-home tuning, however, we tune it the day before it’s delivered.
    • The pins may shift and notes can drop as it get’s acclimated over the first 1-3 weeks of being in your home. Some hold very well and may sound great for months and months. Every piano is different. So for pianos sold under $1000, if notes drop during that acclimation process, we can come do an in-home tuning half off for $50. You are free to add this at time of purchase, or wait and see how the piano adjusts, as it may be fine for quite some time.
    • Like I said earlier, the acclimation process is the time when things can pop up like sticking keys etc. This is not due to something we didn’t see or accidentally missed. Because the piano is in a new environment and adjusting, things can show up that didn’t show up at our shop. So here’s what to know..
      • If you bought a piano over $1000, that came with the 1 Free in-home tuning, those things are usually simple and can be tackled when we come do your complimentary in-home tuning.
      • If you didn’t purchase a piano that came with it, we’ll gladly send out Jonathan Looman, and he charges $50 for a service call.
      • If you already used your free in-home tuning, then you’ll just need to pay for a service call if something pops up. We don’t cover sticking keys and other fixes that arise due to the environment because that’s an on-going process from summer to winter. If something shows up in the future, call Jonathan, or us, for a service call.
      • If a fix arises that will need parts replaced or cost more than the $50, Jonathan (or another Tech) will quote that for you on site, which you can choose to do, or not, at your choosing.
    • Customers who purchase a piano from us may trade in/up for another piano.
      • We will assess the current condition of the piano (up to date tuning, condition of body etc.), appraise it’s current value, and give you the full credit amount toward another piano, minus cost of delivery. (Which for vertical pianos is about $150-200 and Grands $275-375).

All that to say, thank you for reading all of this! We know it’s a lot of information but we want you to be informed and prepared for what it means to be a piano owner:)

We’re excited to help bring music to your home.

Sincerely, The Herrema’s


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