MY PIANO HAS VALUE | Selling Advice

If you’re going to sell your piano online, great! We’d love to help your sale be as successful as possible.

Below are a couple steps we would recommend you take on how to sell a used piano to save time and money for you and the buyer.

  1. Get a Sellers Certificate

    1. If you’re planning on selling your piano for over $500, your buyer is going to want to know one thing, “Will it hold a tune?” Give them piece of mind and confidence by having Herrema & Sons come out and do a quick check up and tune. We’ll sign a certificate that says “Inspected by Herrema & Sons Piano Co.” This will help you and the buyer know you’re selling them a product that will last for years to come. This service is quick and affordable. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US ABOUT OUR SELLERS CERTIFICATES!
  2. Fix the little things

    1. Even if your piano has some sticking keys, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not worth fixing, but you should definitely fix them before listing. Many people put out ads saying “$1200. Has a couple sticking keys, but nothing you can’t fix. I just don’t have the time.”
      This will be a major hurdle for buyers as they will have to do the homework and also trust that once they buy it, it can indeed be fixed. It’s like selling your used car without washing it. Spend the time and couple dollars to remove that step for them and give them the confidence they need to make the purchase so you don’t have to waste appointments. Our  Repair service can range from $75-250 depending on time, distance and complexity. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PIANO REPAIR SERVICE!
  3. Offer Free in Town Move & Tune to your buyer

    1. Every time a piano is purchased it needs two things: to be Moved and Tuned. Save your buyer time and effort and offer a Free Move & Tune with the sale. You would be amazed at how helpful this can be for people. It’s homework and scheduling and money they don’t have to spend and it’s a great courtesy. Give us a call and we’ll give you a set moving & tuning package price that you can factor into your selling price. We’ll send you an estimate that you can give to the buyer so the sales process and their buying process goes as smoothly as possible. CLICK HERE TO GET A LOCKED IN MOVING & TUNING RATE FOR YOUR BUYER!
  4. Consignment

    1. If you don’t want to go through the selling process, no problem! We’ll do it for you. Our consignment process is easy and risk free. Just give us a call and fill out our consignment application. We’ll pick it up for free, place it in our showroom and sell it for you. Once sold, we’ll send you a check for your percentage. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SELLING WITH US ON CONSIGNMENT!